Student Stories

Author & Illustrator: Aaron Aalto (Twitter)I studied industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a student, I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apprentice in...

Author: Kasia Manolas I took the Build Once, Sell Twice course while resting in bed. I watched the modules in the dark with headphones, took screenshots, and created...

No matter how much you like something or “scratching your own itch”, motivation is a luxury that comes and goes. Your mind will start to play tricks with you and question everything: Luckily, the rules have changed. I had stumbled upon a mystical black and white instagram-page. I clicked the link in bio, and discovered this mental goldmine.

The announcement of Build Once, Sell Twice felt like a lifeboat to save me from the sinking ship. Covid had destroyed the trial lawyer economy. It’s impossible to try cases when the courts are shut down. Nearly a year has passed now without a single trial in Dallas.
I binged Build Once, Sell Twice in one sitting. I expected an online course that would teach me about building and selling. But it’s more than that. Build Once, Sell Twice is a mindset. A framework. An operating system for the 21st-century internet entrepreneur. 
I took Build Once Sell Twice to learn the business of leveraging digital assets borne from specific knowledge.  Now, I am systematically building a library of 1-2 minute videos with simple explanations cancer and publishing them on the internet.