8+ Best White Label SEO Tools For Agencies & SEO Teams

8+ Best White Label SEO Tools For Agencies & SEO Teams

White label SEO tools provide agencies and SEO teams with the opportunity to brand 3rd party SEO software and run it on a custom domain, in order to wow clients.

The best white label SEO tools like SE Ranking include the ability to complete rank tracking, keyword research, SEO audits, backlink monitoring, SEO reporting, and link building.

It's worth investing in white label SEO tools if you're running an agency or in-house SEO team, as white label SEO software is easy to configure, can run on a custom domain, and provides you with control over user management and access.

Opting to white label existing SEO software vs building from scratch also mitigates development costs, and means you don't have to worry about hosting costs or ongoing maintenance.

Best White Label SEO Tools

We've reviewed the best white label SEO tools online so that you can find the right platform based on your requirements, whether that be all-in-one white label SEO tools, white label SEO reporting software or tools for rank tracking.

  1. SE Ranking
  2. Semrush
  3. Agency Analytics
  4. Web CEO
  5. Dash This
  6. Cyfe
  7. RankRanger
  8. Authority Labs
  9. BrightLocal
  10. AccuRanker

    Focused Look At The Best White Label SEO Tools

    SE Ranking

    SE Ranking White Label Tool

    SE Ranking is a leading all-in-one SEO tool used by over 700k marketers globally, including big brands like Zapier and Trustpilot.

    When purchasing an SE Ranking license, you get access to SE Ranking's white label SEO services on Pro and Business plans, supporting SEO agencies, in-house SEO teams, SEO service providers, and resellers.

    In leveraging SE Ranking's white label SEO platform you can configure your own white label domain, control user management, automate white label SEO reports, and introduce your own company colors, and branding.

    Within SE Ranking's user management settings, you can also set up performance-based invoicing and restrict client access to areas of the platform where you are less relevant.

    In terms of platform capability, SE Ranking's white label SEO tool provides full access to the SE Ranking SEO toolkit, including keyword research, backlink monitoring, rank tracking, and website auditing.

    It's also possible to run competitor benchmarking, run backlink analysis and audits, and generate automated progress reports that can be emailed directly to clients.

    SE Ranking's Pro plan starts at $53.40 per month, which includes access to the majority of SE Ranking SEO optimization tools, as well as their white label features.

    Features we like

    • All-in-one white label features - full access to SEO analysis and optimization tools
    • Automate white label SEO reports - generate SEO reports for clients periodically
    • Performance-based invoicing - track keyword ranking increases for billing purposes

      SE Ranking pricing

      SE Ranking offers 3 paid plans, the Essential plan does not offer access to SE Ranking's white label SEO tools, this access is available on the Pro and Business plans only.

      SE Ranking also offers a free trial for new customers.

      • Essential - $23.40 per/mo, optimize 10 projects, track 250 keywords
      • Pro - $53.40 per/mo, unlimited projects, track 1,000 keywords, white label features
      • Business - $113.40 per/mo, unlimited projects, track 2,000 keywords, white label features


        Semrush White Label SEO Tool

        Semrush is one of the best SEO tools on the internet, used by over 10m+ digital marketers.

        In utilizing the Semrush platform you can conduct keyword research, run competitor benchmarking, complete site audit reports, monitor search engine rankings, and audit and monitor site backlinks.

        Semrush makes it easy to generate automated white label SEO reports powered by Semrush data, utilizing over 50+ Semrush SEO tools.

        When it comes to white labeling, Semrush also allows you to configure branded client portals that your clients can access to analyze integrated digital marketing data - configured using Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, and other sources.

        That means, you can leverage Semrush for optimization purposes, and automate all of your client reporting from the Semrush 'My Reports' interface.

        To access Semrush's white label SEO tools, you need to add the Agency Growth Kit to your payment plan. In doing so, you will also get access to Semrush's Agency Partners platform (giving you trusted Semrush partner status), and the Semrush Bid Finder.

        From there, you will be able to configure white label SEO reports and generate client dashboard access to allow your client's direct access to their SEO data on demand.

        Alongside SE Ranking, Semrush is one of the best all-in-one white label services available.

        Features we like

        • Access over 50+ leading SEO tools - utilize Semrush for client SEO optimization work
        • Present integrated data - combine sources from Semrush, GA, GSC, and more
        • Automates SEO reporting tools - generated automated white label SEO reports

          Semrush pricing

          Semrush offers 3 pricing plans for agencies and teams of all sizes.

          In order to access Semrush white label SEO services, you need to add the Agency Growth Kit to your selected payment plan.

          • Pro - $119.95 per/mo, optimize 5 projects, 10,000 results per report
          • Guru - $229.95 per/mo, optimize 15 projects, 30,000 results per report
          • Business - $449.95 per/mo, optimize 40 projects, 50,000 results per report
          • Agency Growth Kit - Additional $150 per month add-on

            Agency Analytics

            Agency Analytics White Label SEO Tool

            Agency Analytics provides software to create beautiful marketing dashboards and SEO reports and is used by over 5,500 agencies across the globe.

            Agency Analytics offers over 70+ out-of-the-box integrations with platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Shopify, AHREFs, Facebook Ads, Moz, and other leading marketing platforms and SEO tools.

            Once set up, it's easy to configure reports with drag-and-drop report builders, and white label functionality that lets you configure your own white label domain, add company branding, and provide client access to clients via a dedicated mobile app.

            Pricing starts at just $12 per month for freelancers and $18 per month for agencies - there are also custom plans available for those looking for scale.

            Agency Analytics is the perfect solution for marketing agencies looking to report on multiple marketing platforms from central dashboards without requiring direct access to optimization tools.

            Features we like

            • Integrations - over 70+ integrations with leading marketing platforms
            • Branded mobile app - provide access for your clients to white label reports on the go
            • Affordable pricing - it's an affordable solution, but you need access to other tools to source data (e.g. Semrush)

              Agency Analytics pricing

              Agency Analytics offers 3 paid pricing plans for freelancers, agencies, and enterprises.

              • Freelancer - $12 per/mo, 5 client campaigns
              • Agency - $18 per/mo, 10 client campaigns
              • Enterprise - customized for larger agencies

                Web CEO

                Web CEO White Label SEO Tool

                Web CEO is another all-in-one SEO platform that is used by over 1.5m marketers globally.

                Web CEO features over 23 different SEO tools for keyword research, rank tracking, site auditing, backlink monitoring, writing SEO content, optimizing internal links, and checking backlinks.

                Their blended data (pulling data from a range of leading SEO sources) can be integrated into branded white label SEO reports that can be sent to clients automatically, in order to save you time, and drive efficiency.

                Web CEO is also great for agencies that are looking to offer an integrated widget that can be placed on your agency website. These widgets deliver customized, automated SEO audit reports to new customers looking for SEO services.

                Which works great as a sales tool for new clients.

                Web CEO's white label SEO platform can also be configured to provide direct client access, where you can create multiple client profiles, including your own branding, and configure your own white label domain.

                Pricing starts at $37 per month for the Solo plan.

                If you want to track more than one project, then you can opt for the Startup plan, which allows you to track 5 projects, costing $99 per month.

                Features we like

                • Site audit - page-level optimization scoring with overlayed traffic data
                • Toxic link checker - integrated Majestic SEO data to unearth toxic links at scale
                • Google Search Console integration - discover new content ideas for clients using their own ranking data

                  Web CEO pricing

                  Web CEO offers 4 paid plans for agencies and in-house SEO teams, based on the number of projects you're looking to track.

                  • Solo - $37 per/mo, 1 user, 1 project
                  • Startup - $99 per/mo, 5 users, 5 projects
                  • Agency Unlimited - $99 per/mo, unlimited projects (incremental pricing per project)
                  • Corporate - $299 per/mo, 10 users, 30 projects

                    Dash This

                    Dash This White Label SEO Tool

                    Dash This is a white label reporting tool that competes with Agency Analytics.

                    It is used by big digital marketing agencies like iProspect, DDB, and Dentsu, alongside thousands of other SEO agencies and freelancers.

                    Dash This connects to over 34+ commonly used marketing platforms, including SEO tools like AHREFs, Semrush, Google Search Console, Web CEO, and Google Analytics.

                    On the digital marketing side, Dash This combines data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and other sources.

                    Dash This white label reporting tool allows you to configure clients' dashboards and configure automated reports that are hosted on your own domain, configured with your brand's logo and look-and-feel.

                    When you are sending out client reports, you can also add your own notes to client reports, and configure reports to feedback performance on the marketing metrics you care about.

                    In order to offer clients direct access to your customized white label dashboard you need to opt for the Professional Plan which costs $109 per month.

                    Features we like

                    • Beautiful reporting dashboards - access pre-set templates and color schemes that look beautiful out of the box
                    • Integrations - combine data from over 34+ different sources, including leading SEO tools
                    • Usage - trusted by some of the biggest marketing agencies in the world

                      Dash This pricing

                      Dash This offers 4 pricing plans for agencies and SEO teams, depending on the number of client dashboards that you need to configure.

                      • Individual - $33 per/mo, 3 dashboards, no access to white label dashboards
                      • Professional - $109 per/mo, 10 dashboards, white label dashboard access
                      • Business - $209 per/mo, 25 dashboards, white label dashboard access
                      • Standard - $339 per/mo, 50+ dashboards, white label dashboard access

                        Authority Labs

                        Authority Labs White Label Rank Tracking Tool

                        Authority Labs is an SEO rank tracking service with white label reporting tools that allow you to track keyword performance in search engines at scale.

                        If you are looking for a white label SEO tool to help you keep track of client rankings daily, then Authority Labs is a great option.

                        Save time by tracking keyword changes daily, tracking either locally or internationally, and across desktop and mobile devices.

                        Set up branded white label dashboards, and share customized URLs with clients so that they can review search ranking performance on an automated basis.

                        Pricing starts at $49 per month, allowing you to track 250 keywords daily.

                        For white label rank tracking services you need to upgrade to Authority Labs Pro Plan, which costs $99 per/mo and allows you to track 1,000 keywords daily, across 100 domains.

                        Authority Labs is one of the best daily rank tracking tools for agencies.

                        Features we like

                        • Local rank tracking - isolate local search results, and monitor performance in the areas that matter
                        • Daily data - get performance updates daily so that you can stay on top of performance in real-time
                        • Global data - track globally, without restriction to any geographic area

                          Authority Labs pricing

                          We'd recommend the Pro plan if you are reporting on daily keyword ranking performance.

                          Not only do you get access to Authority Labs white label features, but you also get access to track 1,000 keywords per month.

                          • Plus - $49 per/mo, 250 keywords, 50 domains
                          • Pro - $99 per/mo, 1,000 keywords, 100 domains
                          • Pro Plus - $225 per/mo, 2,500 keywords, 300 domains
                          • Enterprise - $450 per/mo, 5,000+ keywords, unlimited domains


                            BrightLocal White Label Local SEO Tool

                            BrightLocal is a dedicated local SEO tool used by agencies for rank tracking, citation management, and reputation management.

                            BrightLocal offers white label SEO reporting functionality that allows you to brand reports and send them to clients quickly and easily.

                            Like Web CEO, BrightLocal also allows you to embed widgets on your own agency website that generate SEO reports for new clients looking that are specifically looking for local SEO services.

                            What's more, if you need a white label local SEO tool to help manage local SEO campaigns at scale, BrightLocal is one of the best on the market.

                            BrightLocal allows you to benchmark your ranking performance against local rivals, receive SERP snapshots, view search data at the neighborhood level, and analyze local keyword volumes.

                            BrightLocal also allows you to submit citation listings to over 100+ sites from one central platform and managed existing citations so that all of your local SEO listings are up-to-date and accurate.

                            There are 3 pricing plans available, starting at $29 per month. Agencies that are looking to support multiple clients should sign up for the SEO Pro plan which costs $79 per month.

                            Features we like

                            • Local rank tracking - analyze local keyword data and performance
                            • Citation management - complete control from one central location
                            • White label SEO reports - generate white label SEO reports with your branding

                              BrightLocal pricing

                              BrightLocal offers 3 pricing plans for businesses and agencies of varying sizes.

                              For established and growing agencies, the SEO Pro plan is most suitable.

                              • Single Business - $29 per/mo, manage 3 locations
                              • Multi Business - $49 per/mo, manage 6 locations
                              • SEO Pro - $79 per/mo, manage 100 locations


                                AccuRanker White Label Rank Tracking Tool

                                Alongside Authority Labs, AccuRanker is one of the best white label rank tracker platforms for SEO agencies and enterprises.

                                Over 32,000 brands including Hubspot, IKEA, and Aira rely on AccuRanker to track search engine performance at scale, and the handy white label SEO reporting functionality makes it easy to generate branded SEO reports that can be shared internally or with clients.

                                AccuRanker makes it easy to track keyword performance daily, both for local and national/global SEO campaigns and allows you to refresh keyword data as and when you need to update your analysis.

                                There is also a detailed breakdown of SERP history which allows you to target SERP features and competitor benchmarking reports that allow you to see how you are stacking up against your competition over time.

                                AccuRanker's dynamic competitor tracking also lets you spot how the competitor landscape changes for your different products and services, and their dynamic CTR estimates allow you to analyze the actual traffic potential for each keyword group that you are targeting.

                                AccuRanker also integrates with a number of other reporting tools, including Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Adobe Analytics.

                                Pricing starts at $120 per month, allowing you to track your first 1,000 keywords daily.

                                Features we like

                                • White label rank tracking reports - generate branded SEO reports
                                • Dynamic competitor tracking - analyze competitive landscape based on keyword group
                                • Integrations - pull data into Google Data Studio and other reporting tools

                                  AccuRanker pricing

                                  AccuRanker pricing is calculated based on the volume of keywords you wish to track. Monthly pricing starts at $120 per month.

                                  AccuRanker offers a free trial for new users looking to test the platform.

                                  Why Invest In The Best White Label SEO Platforms?

                                  If you are running an SEO agency or in-house SEO team, investing in white label SEO tools can save you time, and help you manage all of your SEO tasks in one place.

                                  Custom white label SEO tools also allow you to brand leading SEO technology and present it to clients, without having to develop or maintain any of your own costly SEO software.

                                  Many of the best SEO agencies also use white label SEO tools to generate widgets that can be embedded onsite, in order to offer new customers SEO audits in return for their email addresses.

                                  This can be a great way to build new relationships and collect new lead data, in an automated way and time-efficient way.

                                  But when it comes to biting the bullet and investing in white label SEO tools, what other reasons are there to invest?

                                  • White label domain - white label SEO tools allow you to configure your own white label domain. That means you can provide client access to SEO dashboards without having to divert them to a 3rd party website

                                  • Mitigate development costs - building and maintaining SEO software and reports is expensive and time-consuming. By using white label SEO tools, you can mitigate any development costs, and avoid paying to host SEO software. Ultimately, you are running an SEO agency, not a technology business

                                  • User management - white label SEO tools make it easy to configure user access. This means you can provide access to the areas of your SEO tool that you are happy for clients to view. This is a great way to maintain control and guide users to the data they should care about

                                  • Customization - white label SEO reports are easy to configure using the best SEO tools. Many of the leading tools offer drag-and-drop functionality and allow you to pull SEO data from multiple sources. For example, Semrush allows you to configure SEO reports from over 50+ Semrush reports, and also pull in data from Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

                                  • Automated SEO Reporting - another top reason to invest in a white label SEO tool is to automate client reporting. It's always a burden keeping clients updated, many of the tools we have reviewed include automated SEO reporting which means you can generate scheduled reports that are branded and sent to clients periodically. Many top white label reporting tools also make it easy to add notes to your report before they are sent out

                                  • White label features - the best white label SEO tools offer a range of SEO services including tools for rank tracking, SEO audit, keyword research, backlink monitoring, and more

                                    How To Pick The Best Whitelabel SEO Tool For Your Agency?

                                    If you've decided to invest in the best white label SEO tools to help you manage your growing client base, then it's important to evaluate which tools will drive the most value.

                                    To get started, ask yourself these important questions.

                                    • Are you looking for an all-in-one tool for SEO optimization and reporting?
                                    • Will clients need direct dashboard access?
                                    • What SEO analysis do you need to include in client reports? For example, keyword rank, backlink monitoring, link building, SEO auditing
                                    • Are you serving clients that care about local SEO?
                                    • Do you need to integrate other sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console?
                                    • What are your budget levels? Can you afford multiple tools?

                                      All-in-one SEO tools like SE Ranking give you the ability to carry out SEO optimization work, alongside providing clients with direct access to white label SEO dashboards.

                                      If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, we'd recommend checking out SE Ranking, Semrush, or Web CEO. Many agencies use their tools to optimize clients' SEO strategy, as well as report on performance over time.

                                      With that said, if you prefer using a range of SEO tools, and would like to pull data from a range of different sources that you control, Agency Analytics and Dash This are fantastic options.

                                      They don't give you the ability to actually perform SEO tasks directly within their platforms, but they will pool data from a range of SEO sources so that you can present and report to clients in an automated way.

                                      SEO tools like BrightLocal and AccuRanker also feature white label reporting functionality and are excellent solutions for dedicated tasks like rank tracking and local SEO optimization.

                                      Sign Up For The Best White Label SEO Tools

                                      To get started, click through and sign up for the best white label SEO tools.

                                      Our top pick for the best all-in-one white label SEO tool is SE Ranking.

                                      Alternatively, Agency Analytics gives you the ability to generate excellent white label SEO reports from a range of different SEO sources, including Semrush, AHREFs, Moz, and Majestic.

                                      For local SEO white label tools, check out BrightLocal.

                                      And for white label rank tracking, take a look at Authority Labs and AccuRanker.

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