Clockvvork is the first physical piece of Visualize Value artwork, exhibiting at Art Basel Miami 2022.

I read Naval's infamous How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) thread in 2019. I spent the years following trying to install each one of the principles in my life and business. Here's how I did it.

Six practical examples of how you can use visuals to grow your business, convince someone of your talent, and get your point across in the highest possible fidelity.
Doing business on the internet is about convincing people you don't know that you have something they need or want. Think of a brand as the bridge between the two. 

The title should perhaps read $58 — $1,000,000. $58. That was my business bank account balance in January of 2020.

"You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve." — Elon Musk

There are four ways to think about how value is perceived: Psychological, monetary, functional, and social.

They are all bridges that lead to building.