eOS (Pre-order)

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Ecommerce Operating System

The Magnitude Group was Visualize Value's first ever consulting client. Since 2018, we've been working together to distill the fundamentals of ecommerce. 

TMG is a full-stack ecommerce brand partner, supporting $400,000,000 in annual ecommerce sales for limited-run boutiques to global household names. From supply-chain management, manufacturer sourcing, to branding, media buying, and product strategy, their 500 full-time staff operate at the edge of best-practice ecommerce every day.

This year, we got together to take that knowledge, and put it into a best-in-class ecommerce education product that would serve both ecommerce beginners and seasoned veterans.

3 months in, we have a mountain of principles, tools and executional details of best-practice ecommerce. 

In addition to locking in pre-order pricing, you'll get access to bi-weekly calls of us building the product, sharing progress, and listening to your feedback.

We're targeting an end of July launch date.



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