Trading with Your Future Self

 I’ve been studying some Austrian Economics over the past few weeks and was reminded of something I wrote a while back: 

Your life is a market.
Your actions are trades.

Since being salary-free, I’ve begun to scrutinize each and every decision I make on a longer timeframe, particularly the financial ones.

The understanding of this concept is strengthened by a subject from Ray Dalio’s Principles: “Order of Consequences.” 

Essentially - it’s the process of coming to terms with the fact that our actions in the moment have far reaching, compounding consequences over the long term.

Comfort now, discomfort later.

Discomfort now, comfort later.

Since we’re still mortal beings, our tolerance for discomfort is higher when we’re younger, faster, and lighter on responsibility and lower when we’re older, slower, and burdened with responsibility.

The good news: you’ll never be younger than you are right now.

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  • This is a real eye opener to me. I should better start going.

    • Dheeraj